I’m gonna, gonna live the life I’ve got like
It’s not mine to live, but like it’s mine to give
And give this life like someone else
I may not know now but they need it

We all have 24hrs in a day
What we waste them on
That’s our business right?
But what if it’s his problem.
Whose? The guy next to me
Maybe I don’t seem to see him
But maybe he needs me to be me
His coat has holes; shoes, no soles
Maybe I don’t need me, but he does

I don’t rap. I write
Sometimes rhyming
With perfect timing
Soul singing
No speaking
Just being, not seeing
Or saying what my heart’s feeling

I lived 22 years blind
I said it about 21
Prolly say when I’m 81
Never satisfied
’cause I’m not like Christ
Tryna be, but Imma WIP
Not finished yet
Maybe won’t be
’till it’s over

This life I’ve been given, imma live it.
If living means dying, God crucify me
Let me be what he needs
Let me see what You see
Killed the old man, and we don’t talk anymore
Raised to life and You’re all I’m gonna live for
A little lookin’ out for the other guy,
What kinda price is that for Your life
You died! Let that sink in!
I can’t repay what you did!
My life? Even that’s too little
But this life I’ve been given, imma give it

For what it’s worth, You’re worth the most
Nothing else even comes close
Because there is no 1st or 2nd place
Only you. Only salvation. Only grace
What else do we live for? Die for? Bleed for?
And I will.
Let them cut me, I’ll bleed
Let them kill me, I’ll die
This is what You’ve called me to
This life I’ve been given, imma live it

–the anonymous novelist

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