Today, though briefly, I’d like to dive into the meaning and usage of prayer. But, specifically tackling this strange animal of intercession. What does it mean? How do we do it? Why is it important?
Obviously, when talking about the importance of prayer, you must first know your position on the sovereignty vs the responsibility of man. In other words: if God is in control of everything and it all ends up how He wants, why is prayer necessary?

Now, there a very large and very old bush we could beat around for quite a while on this subject, but the only truth we all need to accept about prayer before continuing is that God commands us to do it. What other proof do you need that it is an essential part of the Christian life? It is not only following the command of Jesus, but His example also.

Here Goes the Post

Prayer, in it’s most pure and simplified form is worshiping God. (If you have a dispute with that statement, please take it up with the complaint department in the comments below). Because it is a command of God, to obey it is to show forth a true heart of worship. Prayer is conversation with God, through Christ the intermediary. Think of Jesus as a switch board. Without it, we couldn’t talk to God, but, because of what Jesus did, we now can. He connects our call to God so that God can hear us.

But, the Bible calls Jesus an intercessor on our behalf. That means not only is He our line to reach God, He also prayers for us. You can think of intercession as vicarious prayer for you. Prayer given in your place and for your benefit and concern.

I read this definition in my devotional this morning, (If you don’t have some kind of morning devotional, get one! It is an invaluable tool for studying God’s word).

“Intercession means that we rouse ourselves up to get the mind of┬áChrist about the one for whom we pray.” —Oswald Chambers

So, a good definition of intercession is praying the will of God over someone. Speaking on their behalf, but with the mind of Christ and according to His good purpose. Never interceded for the benefit of a person outside of the will of God according to the Scriptures.

All Things Are Good If You Love God

That would be a false statement. Not everything in life will be a bundle of roses. Contrary to popular opinion, the Christian life is not all that and bag of chips. Jesus tells His disciples that in this life there will be trials and pain and persecution; people will hate and revile them, try to kill them, and say all manner of evil against them. Never intercede that everything will be good.

God’s promise is that all things work together for good. Nothing works separately, but all things work together for the good of them that love God and are the called according to His purpose. Ultimately, we should pray for God’s perfect purpose to be accomplished in our lives, and those of people we know, (or even strangers).

Prayer is one of the ways we worship God; so it ought never to be an obligation or drudgery. We should;d never be unprepared to speak with Him and give Him honor and glory through our praise and adoration of Him. Like singing, attending church, (congregation or assembly of believers), reading the Bible, living a righteous and spirit-led life: praying is just another way, (albeit an important way), we show our love to God.

Worship Him today. Talk to Him. Praise Him for who He is and then listen…. How often when we pray do we listen…?

As always, thanks for reading.

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