It seems like every post lately has been extremely harsh and cold on one point: selling out to the call of Christ. To me at least it seems that way, I don’t know about you.

Is that a bad thing?

No, of course not. But it’s not all there is to being a Christian and follower of Christ. And, mild disclaimer, this post will be rather short; I have a lot to do today. But, in a round about way, that’s the theme of this post.

Yes, following Christ takes reckless abandonment of self, a desperation for the lost, and a heart and a passion to serve God’s call. More than all this, Christians are known by their love one for another. You can be a vibrant witness as a Christian and never leave you neighborhood, (I don’t suggest or advise this). But, for other’s to see Christ in you, all they should have to do is look at the normal, everyday, little things in life: the way you respond to those closest to you, the way you treat strangers and friends, even how you resolve conflict when it arises.

Light your world!

“Let the love of God shine through, in the little things you do…” I say this because I’m stationary currently. Have been for the last 3 days and will be for the next several. For someone who travels, the new areas bring opportunity. When I’m in a small town, out of my element, (which is singing and music), how do I show people I’m a Christian?

By acting Christlike, I can witness to my family 24/7 they’re always here. The point is, there’s no practice time for us to learn how to be Christlike. We just do it. When all eyes are on you, or when nobody sees. Let Christ shine through your life regardless of the circumstances, if you’re saying a kind word to someone, or giving a cup of water in His name. It doesn’t take much, but at the same time, it takes everything we’ve got.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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