There’s absolutely no excuse for a Christian to sin. None at all. Do we still sin? Heh, oh yeah, all the time. But, are we destined to sin? You know what, I’m not so sure.

Today I read Romans 6 as part of my devotional studies, and if you haven’t read Romans 6, it’ll flat-out mess you up. This chapter talks about victory in Jesus, which sounds great! Who doesn’t want that? Well, this victory isn’t just over Satan and sin, it is over ourself and old life.

How many of us enjoy being in charge? Be honest now, you don’t like giving up control any more than the government does. (No, that’s not a knock on the president).

Romans 6:2 says this:

“God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” –Romans 6:2

That’s enough to make the carnally minded and relapsing sinners in all of us nervous. But, it doesn’t stop there, the writer of Romans want to nail this truth to the ground in our minds.

Verses 3-7 hammer the point that being saved by Christ, we identify with His death and die to sin. Therefore we should not serve sin, being freed from it through Christ. Over and over this truth is iterated to make it absolutely certain we know this: Alive to Christ = Dead to Sin.

What am I Doing Wrong?

I was hoping you’d ask. This life, at the point of salvation, instantaneously pivots from being about you, to being about God. For me, it’s like this: 16 years I did everything for me, protected and cared for my body and my desires, then I got saved.

Saved from what?

Saved from myself, consequently saving myself from destruction. What we’re still doing wrong is living like saved sinners. I’ll tell you this, God didn’t save you from Hell; that’s not the end game. God saved you from sin and His wrath against sin. How-, how in the world can we, who have been made DEAD to sin, live any more in sin?

People, what is it in your life that is keeping you from God? Stupid question. Why? Because that’s not the real issue. The issue isn’t why God isn’t changing you or using you, (we know the answer to that), so lets cut the fat here.

What Sin Are You Holding On To?

That’s the heart of this whole problem. The reason we’re not living like Christ is that we are still living in sin. We act like salvation was just to get us out of Hell, but we can live however we want now that we’re “safe”. That’s not it at all.

Sure, I believe you could live in sin and not lose your salvation. But, you can and will lose your reward in heaven. You can and will lose your reward on earth. In Christ is the greatest comfort, greatest joy, peace, love, and fulfillment life affords. Apart from Christ is the greatest dejection, unrest, loneliness, hurt, fear, and every evil this life affords.

You can live in sin at your own risk on your own bill. Jesus paid for sin, but not for a life of disobedience, rejection of the voice of the Holy Spirit, and hindering of the kingdom work on earth.

What’s keeping you from God? Give it up! You’re missing so much. If you’re not dead to sin, but living in it still… this Christianity thing, you’re doing it wrong.

As always, thanks for reading.

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