You don’t really believe the Bible if you don’t obey it.
You don’t really believe in Hell if you don’t fear it for yourself and those you know.

My family has been listening to sermons together every week as a special, Bible study time. Last week the sermon was by Johnny Hunt who made this comment:

“We don’t really believe in Hell, or we just don’t care.”

He’s right. If we truly believed in a place of everlasting torture, anguish, mangling and contorting pain; writhing and burning in flames of undying fire, then we would do our utmost to tell people about it. Not even on our worst enemies would we wish the eternal fate of Hell. But, either we don’t really believe it exists, or we just don’t care.

If you honestly don’t care, those statements I just made will fall dead in your mind. You won’t give them any thought. They won’t hurt, or make you feel a sense of urgency and desperation for your lost friends and relatives.

How do I know?

I’m dead inside. I don’t care. I’m apathetic to the world and it’s cares. There’s a name for that: selfishness. I am so absorbed in myself sometimes that I don’t even care about the danger others are in at this moment. There are people dying and going to Hell!! Some people in this world are so wretchedly hopeless, living without love, peace, joy, purpose, and they end sell their souls to suicide; overdose, a gun to the head, a rope, a knife, a jump… and in an instant-, a split-second, they go into eternity without God.


Sometimes I just want to scream!!! How can the world be this dark; this perverted and wrong? Where is the hope? Not to shame people, but, yeah-, we deserve a good shaming. I’m part of this too, so don’t think I’m being self-righteous here. Christians seem to be more focused on squabbling with each other over trivial and menial theology than about preaching to the lost.

We love to argue, but there is no division in Christ, why is there division amongst His people? If you think everyone should wear suits and ties in church and I don’t agree, leave it alone! It’s not worth dying for and it certainly isn’t worth killing for.

See, either we don’t believe Hell is real or we just don’t care: because if we did, there’s no way in this world we would let people walk off into eternity without God.

How Do You Know That?

Because Christ died for our sins, and not for ours only, but the sins of the whole world. Jesus loved the lost more than you or I will ever know outside of our personal knowledge of how He sought and saved us. With the Holy Spirit living inside the Christian to conform them to the image of Christ, we are being made more like that love; more like Jesus. Our desire for the lost should be Christ’s desire. So much so that we might say as Paul did, that we would wish ourselves to be accursed from the cross that other’s might be saved.

Seem a little extreme? How about this, Jesus laid down His life to save scum like you and me. We should do the same for those around us. Our lives are a conduit of God’s grace to be spent for His will on earth: the salvation of souls and establishment of His kingdom and glory.

We don’t really believe, do we? But I want to believe. Lord, help my unbelief.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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