I’m the case study for writer’s block. The main character of my current story isn’t speaking to me right now; seems he doesn’t agree with my creative vision for him. It’s terrible, because this current story is an autobiography.

You know you’ve got issues when you get stumped on an autobiography. But, that’s just me. So, what do you when you relapse into writer’s block…? Well me, I take the blocks and play with them, because life’s too short to waste a perfect abundance of writer’s blocks. I’ve got a million blocks to play with.

Metaphors be gone!

Every difficulty is an opportunity to build something new of your story or yourself. Writer’s block is a momentary mental breakdown, but it pulls you out of your own head. If a block can’t be used to build something, it’s wasted.

Every walked into a kid’s bedroom barefoot and stepped on a block left on the floor. It’s terrible right? And it’s painful. Here’s a simile: unused writer’s block is like a child’s toy block, if it is not used or put away, it will cause you pain.

I was reading Longfellow to get me out of my head today, and this is what he said:

“The rapture of pursuing is the prize the vanquished gain.” –Longfellow

If a quote can make me pause to think about it, instantaneously it becomes a favorite of mine. This quote caused me to consider what the prize is to me. Do I strive for gold, or strive for the sake of pursuing what is true and golden. Even if it’s an unrealistic or unattainable goal, I’ll chase after the prize for the sake of the race.

Why do I write?

Am I in this for the sake of applause, money, gratification….? Let’s face it, that’s far more unrealistic. I’ve got a passion for you, for the truth, and things I’m not even sure I can explain. It’s the finish line I’m running for, but every step along the way. Pursuing a cause is a joy beyond obtaining. I’ll never grasp perfection in this life, but that won’t stop me from pursuing the purity, righteousness, and glory of God.

I write because I care; I care because I love; because I know; because I see; I looked; I lived; breathed. This life, this blog, it’s for the joy of itself. Writer’s block can’t stop this passion. I’ve decided to use writer’s block rather than refuse it. So, there will be no more breaks for this passion of mine because of set-backs.

I’m building with writer’s blocks; building a new life, and a new commitment. This is a new world. Nothing can hold you back from your passion if you don’t let it.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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