Yesterday morning when I wrote this, I had very little phone service; which meant I couldn’t post it right away. It also forced me to realize several things about myself.

  1. That it was Sunday and I actually noticed the fact that I didn’t have service.
  2. I didn’t really need service, but I was aware that I didn’t have any.
  3. I am blogging on Sunday.

The first revelation was profound, because if I wasn’t talking about cell service, but rather, worship service, it changes my perspective.

Why Do I Go To Church?

To spend time with God, worship Him with likeminded people, and share in uplifting fellowship. If that doesn’t happen on Sunday, do I miss it? Do I even realize when I don’t have service? The answer for me used to be no. I never thought of church in that way, so I never felt the absence of congregational worship on a Sunday morning. I didn’t happen very often, but when it did, I just thought of it as my morning off from work. That’s how I viewed church for years!

But I got over that. I got closer to God and desired to be around Him and His people more. Church became something different for me; something necessary. I would notice a gaping hole in my life if I missed a Sunday morning service now: maybe that’s where you are. But let’s not stop there. When you have a reputation for taking thing too far like I have, you can’t help yourself. Here goes.


When was the last time you did regular devotions? What does your personal time with God look like? Would you notice if you skipped a day or two? I can tell you right now that other people would notice. Because spending time with God changes you. So, while it’s relatively still early in the day, let’s all start our week off on the right foot: spend some time with your Father today. He loves you. If that means getting up early, so be it. Any sacrifice you make is too little compared the joy and the blessings abundant you will receive.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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