I’m about to ask you a string of questions, and I want you to answer them in your heart. Before I begin, I’d just like to say, this isn’t for you: none of it. This is entirely about me and what I need to be doing, and what I’ve been convicted about. However, if the Holy Spirit speaks to you through this post, praises be!

What’s your name? Do you have a favorite color? When were you born? Where are you from? What do you believe in? Tell me about your parents, your people; what is your lineage?

Do I want to know the answers to all of those questions: honestly, not really. But at least I cared enough to ask. And knowing the answers to those questions would help me get to know you far better. Why, because they tell me about you, who you are, the give you an identity to me. Suddenly, upon knowing more, you become more than just a face to me.

Here’s the Kicker

I’m a total stranger to many of you, and barely an acquaintance to others. Still, I asked you very personal question in an attempt to understand you better. Do we devote that same effort to God? The answer should be no. Why? Because it’s not the same thing. God isn’t just a stranger we can walk up to and ask questions like that. He might get offended at our impudence or won’t care enough to even answer….

Do you believe that? It’s not true you know. God loves you infinitely more than you could ever want to be loved. He cares so much about you that He wants to be a part of every breath you breathe.

More than wanting to be close to you, He wants you to be close to Him. He wants you to seek Him, to speak to Him, to listen to His Word.

Me… Yeah, it’s gotta be about me somehow…

What I get of God and what I do to grow nearer to Him, it’s not enough. And truly that is the test of a true disciple. I wake up early and seek God, not to say I’m spiritual, (I’d be nuts if that was my goal, because I LOVE sleep), it’s not about me; I’m learning that more each day. So why do I tell you what I do…? Because not only does it work for me, but I wasn’t just stuck by lightning and then decided to do this. I noticed a commitment and a love for Jesus in someone else’s life that I wanted.

Perhaps by reading this, you will be inspired to forsake all others to know God more. To wake up before the distractions and spend time with God. Seeking Him will always require sacrifice, but maybe there are things in your life that deserve to die. It wasn’t until I finally gave up control of what I think, what I feel, desire, planned, and loved that I was able to seek after God with my whole heart. And I’ve never been more free, more satisfied, or more alive than I am right now.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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