We’re in Florida!

Not to brag, because I know that many of my readers are experiencing very cold weather still, but if it was about 10 degrees colder, it would be really nice here.
I know, I know, I’m sorry, (not really). But we’re enjoying our time in the Sunshine State; soaking in all the warmth and light we can.

Don’t be bitter

With great weather comes great responsibility:) This sunshine is like the light of Christ shining on us. And we have the incredible charge to allow that light to flow through us and in us; changing and transforming us and everyone we meet. The cold may be a challenge and a trial, but it’s easy to look to God in the trials of life. I think too often we forget to seek Him in the good times, when his light is shining on us and we have the greatest opportunity to be used of God.


Because life is good and we don’t think we need God when there isn’t a problem for Him to fix. Yet the beautiful irony is that when we don’t see a problem, it is us who are the problem. If you are not facing opposition off some kind in your life, you are not serving Christ as He would want you to. He said that the world hated Him so they will hate you also. Be a light and the darkness will not love you.

 How did we get here?

We don’t just fall into the sunshine zone. We have to seek it out, chase after it. Even as nice, warm, pleasurable, and desirable, people don’t jump at the chance to get there.


Because you have to leave where you are, (even in the frosty cold, people can get comfortable). You have to get up and travel out of your circumstances and follow Christ’s light to the land of sunshine. But as difficult as it might seem to get there, it is worth the miles and hardships. If you can make it to the sunshine zone, you can start living.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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