Why that picture? Because that picture reminds me of hope, of joy, of what it’s like to see heaven in the eyes of someone else. It caused me to rethink my life and what I thought I believed. That’s why I chose that picture.

Is it okay if I throw down some poetry right here? Like, right in this exact spot, and then just leave it there? Really? Okay… but if I do, you have to promise to read it. And not just skim over it, but actually read it and think about it. Alright, We’re agreed. Ready?

It lives on your street

Courage with cold feet

Beggars with plenty to eat

Wolves hiding with sheep


Truth by the dagger

Love, a backstabber

Friends with an adder

Lies mingled with laughter


We are the villain

Though it hurts to say it

This isn’t just how it is

This is how we made it

Your time is your life. What you do with it is your responsibility and your legacy. Those who live the most satisfied lives and those who give their time to serving others. It may not get recognition from others, but it does from God. So, what’s more important, huh? Do you see the situation of the world around you? If not, open your eyes. If so, what are you going to do about it and how?

His Way vs My Way

I used to think that being famous would be a great way to make an impact fro Christ. But that wasn’t my job. God can do more with my obscurity than I could ever do with my popularity. What can I give Him, poor as I am? I can give my life, service and devotion. I can give my time, the time He has given me back to Him. The bottom line is that I want God to get the glory from everything about my life, and not just some glory, all of it. And not just all of it, but the maximum amount my life can bring.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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