“The greatest competitor to devotion is service.”–Oswald Chambers

The warning Oswald Chambers presents is one that I have personally struggled with many times. I’m currently in the mix of trying to reprioritize my life and Christianity, but often all I want to do is something for God. want to win souls, I want to preach the word, but what if my desire to serve is not true devotion to Christ? Christ desires a life lived for Him to be a life lived through Him. And the only way to be truly devoted to Christ is to obey Him and follow His commands.

The mark of a devoted Christian is that the Holy Spirit is working through them to accomplish His goal on earth. We are not knights or rooks in the cosmic chess match, we are pawns. Our responsibility and calling is not to serve, but to be used as the Holy Spirit sees fit. Don’t let your service detract from devotion. For, though they are similar, they each vie for your attention and energy. One cannot exist while the other is present.

Be devoted to Christ and not just a servant of Him. Be used of Him rather than attempting to do for Him. God can do more through your willingness than you can with your zeal. Follow after Jesus and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit in you.


Like I said, I’m going through a refocus phase… again. My life constantly needs to be realigned, but I also must temper my reactions. When I get back on track, I tend to jump into things. That’s not entirely bad, so long as what I’m jumping into is the right things. Davy Crockett had a saying: “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead”, and that’s something I’m trying to live by. It’s great to start over fresh, but only if you mean to do things different this time around.

This time I won’t fall into the same pits. This time I’ll be fully devoted to Christ.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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