Cold is coming to overtake the land

Frost and snow lay splayed upon the grass

Spring is hidden ‘neath the icy bed

And hope dies with the Sun’s fast


Poetry, my muse of late

To still my mind and quell my ache

A heart of blood and a mind of stone

Hands that shiver from an inner cold


I’ll never be what I once was

And praise the Lord, spring will come

When all the evil in me dies

I’ll wake again, to the rising sun


For all is fair in love and war

Death and taxes, blood and gore

Life and living, been and being

Flying and falling, taking and giving


The cold is coming to pay it’s visit

To charge my soul with a well earned penance

It comes and it goes, a leech on my soul

And I pray night and day for a glimpse of redemption


O, wretched man that I am

The things that I did, disgraceful to Him

And yet He forgives again and again

Because of His grace I live


Winter has come, the cold is here

Yet warmth of hearth and home do dwell

Where once was a life frozen in fear

Inside my heart, His home is now

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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