This is a cover photo for an episode of a story series I’m writing on Steemit. The episode centers around a young girl and a father figure she wants to love and trust. But… love isn’t easy. It’s a risk. It’s dangerous to give yourself to trust, to commit yourself to someone else. And it only gets exponentially more difficult if you’ve been hurt before; let down; or gave away your love to someone who threw it away.

In times like that…

How do you trust? How do you learn to love again? I can’t promise it will be easy. You know that love never is; anything worth having must be worth fighting for. After being let down and trampled on so many times, we start to wonder if love is for us, if we’ll ever find it in a spouse, in a father or mother, in a friend.

Don’t give up!

Love wasn’t meant to be a reward for a few select souls who had the good fortune to do everything right. Don’t let fear hold you back from believing in love again. But don’t seek it out and chase it, you’ll only waste your time and break your heart. The chances of you finding love are slim, but the truth of love finding you is certain.

This much I know: God loves you, I love you, and I believe God has someone out there to help you believe in love again.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist


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