In case you weren’t away, it is indeed a Wednesday. The day after Tuesday and before Thursday, that one. Yeah, Wednesday is pretty cool.

This Wednesday was… busy, bizarre! But not bizarre in the out of the ordinary way. Bizarre in the “I️ just now realized I️ haven’t eaten all day”, kinda way, you know? Life is always out of whack for me, but every so often I’ll get so busy I️ hardly realize I️ am at all. Why? How? Good questions. Here’s my answer:

I’m not selfish.

It’s as simple as that. When I’m being productive, doing what I️ need to get done, and what others have for me to accomplish, I️ don’t have time for wants. I️ devote the day to work and I️ don’t get distracted by what I️ might want to do. Why is that? Because what I️ do becomes what I️ want to do. It’s a mindset shift that brings peace in contentment to days like this.

Am I️ human? (the jury’s still out on that.) Do I️ have bad days? Sure. But having a bad day doesn’t equal you having a terrible life. If you think about your days unselfishly, you won’t mind the work you have to do because you woke up to serve and not be served.

That’s not how I️ wake up everyday, but it’s how I️ want to wake up every day; it’s how I️ woke up today, and it’s how I️ pray you’ll wake up tomorrow. It’ll change your mindset, it’ll change your life, it’ll change the lives of everyone you come into contact with.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymousnovelist

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