Like the Jimmy Needham song says about God, “You can do a lot with just a heartbeat”, all God desires of us is our submission to Him. Ratatouille, the Pixar Movie, (bear with me, it’s a really good example), –if you’ve seen it– is about a rat who loves to cook, who controls the actions of young man by pulling on his hair. (Stay with me now, it’s about to make sense.)

There is this one line in the movie where the young man is summarizing their relationship and he says:

“You know how to cook, and I know how to appear…human.”

My point in that is we don’t have any innate attribute worthy of God’s use for His purposes other than our humanness. Nothing we bring to the table is of value to the kingdom other than our very selves.

You heard it said that God doesn’t need your ability, He needs your availability. I’ll go a step further and say God doesn’t need anything. But, should He chose to use you, the ONLY thing you can offer for His use IS you. That’s all He wants, just you, your humanity. He can do a lot with just a heartbeat.

I heard it said today, and 100% disagree, that God needs you and I to love Him; that He begs us for our undying love. I’m sorry, but the God I serve don’t need nothin or nobody! This is the same God who told Israel, “you SHALL love the Lord your God”. It is conditional, true. The condition is that you are a living, breathing human that is on planet earth. You shall love the Lord your God doesn’t sound like an appeal or cry for help to me. This God I read about in the Bible doesn’t need me. And that’s why I’m blown away that He wants me. Wow!

What Now?

God wants you. All He asks is total surrender to Him. Make Him Lord, and you will love Him, you will serve Him. Not because He is cruel and dictatorial, but because He is God. He is good, He is holy, He deserves our praise and our love. And if you will give Him your all, He will use you to do great things for Him!! When you give Him your heartbeat, He makes it His. His mission becomes your mission. He can do a lot with just a heartbeat.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

Here’s that song I mentioned. Hope it blesses ya!

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