The NaNoWriMo challenge begins tomorrow, November 1. I’ve promised my Steemit blog followers that I would be posting my story progress there, so feel free to follow along there.

On here… I dunno, you know? I’ll post whatever comes into my head. The leftovers from my writing inspiration after my challenge writing is done… or perhaps it will be the apex of my writing inspiration driven by my challenge writing.

Nevertheless, I will not be stopping one for the sake of the other. Writing is my 1 thing. Sure it can become an obsession, but it’s my 1 thing: my fall back. When all else fails, guess what? Yep. I’m back to writing. Why? …because it’s my 1 thing. What’s yours? What is that one thing that even if everything else in your life went up in smoke, you could fall back on, (Benny Hinn day is coming up)?

So, hi. This is me trying to do this life thing. It’s difficult. By no means simple, and way over my head. But more than writing, if writing failed me, I can fall back on God. Every time I get in too deep, when I lose my way, when all else blows up in my face, I can fall on God.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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