“In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.”—1 John 4:9

God gave man 1 day in 7 to rest. Christians typically rest on Sunday, spending much of the day at church or at home with family. Business honor Sunday as the religious, (specifically Christian), holy day and remain closed on Sundays.

Sunday is break time for Christians. But are Christian’s ever supposed to be on break? Do Christians get to take a day off? Sure. We should get our rest and revitalization on Sunday and enjoy God, praising Him. But that doesn’t mean, as Christians, we stop being a light and witness to the world on Sunday. Our day of rest is not for piety, not to pride or religious superiority. Sunday is a day to rest in Christ, to cast all our cares on God and share them with God’s people. For when one member of the body hurts, all hurt; and when a member rejoices, all rejoice. The day of rest isn’t to take a break from who we are, rather to become more like who He is.

So Sunday

Sunday is no longer my day off from the blog. Whether by circumstance or divine ordinance, (maybe a little strong but not far from the mark), Saturday was a mental block, a cell-service graveyard where phone addicts come to die, and surprisingly busy; I couldn’t have posted if I had tried. I actually did try, yet… no post Saturday. It gave me a new perspective, as my role in this blog was to encourage, inspire, and challenge my readers, that Sundays are a great time to do that. A pastor doesn’t take off work Sunday. Why? Because that’s when people gather to hear the Word of God from him. My purpose is ministry, this I don’t get a day off Sunday. However, ministers need to be minister unto as much as anybody.


I’ve decided, if I am to take a day off during the week, it will be Saturday. I want to be prepared myself for Sunday and what God has for me, and perhaps the message He would have me write here to all of you.

Semper Fi

No, I haven’t joined the marines. I love Latin and thought this phrase was fitting for today’s post. Always be ready, always on alert. We don’t get a day off even if we’re resting. Be ready to be a witness of Christ and give a testimony of what He has done in your life.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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