“When we praise God only when He does good things for us, we are treating Him like a dog; rewarding good behavior. And it is insulting to a holy God who must be praised for who He is, not conditional upon what He does!”

God, just by virtue of being God deserves and demands our praise! Nevertheless, we withhold from God the very thing He commands of us to give Him in return for our existence on this earth. Humans were created to praise and adore God, that was their function: to enjoy God forever and praise Him. Glory commands every praise and every good word.

Praise that is conditional upon actions is a reward and not a response to greatness. Let us be careful not to insult the glory and greatness of God by praising Him for what He does and not simply because He IS God! Pay attention to the next things I say, because they are important. Read and understand. There are several reasons God inherently deserves praise.

  1. The Nature of God
  2. The Power of God
  3. The Glory of God

The Nature of God

God, who is above all, in all, and through all, (Ephesians 4:6); by innate nature and everlasting existence commands the adoration of everything created by the word of His mouth. Because He is, we are. Our very existence is tied to the existence of God. No God, no us. We are not without Him. By the nature of who He is, He deserves every praise, even constant praise. And if we don’t praise Him, the very stones will cry out in praise(Luke 19:40) because by nature, He must be praised: He commands the praise of His creation.

The Power of God

God commands praise because He deserves praise, but then He commands praise because He can. The power of God and Sovereignty over all gives Him the right to demand praise simply because He can. He needs no other reason. God is God alone, on the throne of everlasting; before and after time, holding life in His hand, God needs no reason to demand our praise. If not for the nature of who He is, we should praise Him for what He is: the mightiest of the mighty, a great and terrible God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. Fear and praise.

The Glory of God

If not for who He is, or what He is, praise God for where He is. God is beautiful, He is rich in love and mercy. Our God is holy, righteous, judge, and Lord. Grace comes from God our Father, He is life, light, and truth. The glory of God is in everything He has made; in all of life and existence His glory can be seen. Praise God because He is in all and through all. Praise Him because of His presence in all living things, holding them together. His glory is to be adored and praised.

Who, What, Where, and When

One day in my life, God made a difference. One day He came into my life and transformed it, saving me. But even had Jesus never died for my sins, and God never extended grace that saves those who believe, God would still be worthy of all praise because of who He is and nothing less. Yes, God has done great and mighty things in us, through us, and for us, but more than that: He is God and worthy to be praised.

Don’t patronize God with praise for what He has done and not for who He is. Love of the giver is what gives a gift its true worth. Love God, praise Him for who He is: God alone and there is no other.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist


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