There’s something on your mind. You know it, your closest friends see it, but to the rest of the world nothing’s wrong. You can’t show it or speak it. It’s too personal, too embarrassing, too far beyond anyone’s help. You’re alone and the struggle is real.

You’ve tried running from it, but it’s always behind you wherever you go. You’ve tried outsmarting it, but it was waiting at the end of your search for truth. No matter what you tried, what you did, you couldn’t shake it and the struggle is real.

It doesn’t feel like they told you it would. Everyone is different. No two struggles are the same and no two people are affected by them in the same way. That’s life. That’s God’s perfect plan believe it or not. We all have to face our own monsters and the struggle is real.

But according to His grace whereby He saved us, and by the great love of Jesus Christ, there is no reason for us to face our demons alone. The struggle may be real, but so is the solution; so is the rest; so is the one who is stronger than any struggle. When we doubt, when we stray, when we try in our strength to find our own way; when we lose sight of faith, when we stumble day to day, when the struggle is real, know the Savior is real.


You’ll make it through. Just keep your eyes on Jesus and let the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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