No eye catching picture. No eloquent poem. Just me. Can I be honest for just a moment? We make this life needlessly complicated then blame others when we can’t figure it out. It’s a sad fact, but one I’m just beginning to understand, that everybody is busy. Everybody has life going on; and though we’re not all burden by the same things, everyone has something. I’m just going to call it the life quotient, (don’t know if that’s original, but we’re gonna roll with it). The determining factor of existence, the defining element of humanity: the life quotient.

But, if everyone has something going on, if each of us have our own life quotient with which we deal daily, can life really be simple? How could life be straightforward if we’re all struggling, if we are all trying to figure it out, and if we continually make things complicated for ourselves?

First thing we need to do is decide what life is? Is life what you do with the time that’s been given you, or is life simply the time that has been given you? Are life and living the same thing? I say no. Life is a gift from God; life is the ability to enjoy living more abundantly, more so, life is the opportunity to enjoy living abundantly. God is the source of all life, living is what we do with life. Therefore, our life quotient increases exponentially as we grow closer to, and are continually filled by the Holy Spirit who works life through us and in us.

In God’s book, life is fairly straightforward. The purpose of human life is to glorify God in whatever capacity a man or woman is able. The purpose of a Christian life is to enhance God’s glory and magnify his praise by sharing his gospel of love with the rest of the world: that is the mission of a Christian and the goal of their life. What’s complicated about that? It is God’s desire that His people would trust Him completely and absolutely, that we would cast all of our cares upon Him for He cares for us. God wants His people which are called by His name to humble themselves before Him, seek His face, and turn from their wickedness onto Him. 

It’s pretty cut and dry from where I’m standing. The life of a Christian should not be complicated, for their trust should be in God completely. And if we are trusting in God, truly trusting with everything that we are, we will have no worries, no concerns, no fear of tomorrow, no regret of yesterday. Life wasn’t meant to be as complicated as we make it out to be.

Why don’t we trust?

If all it takes is trusting God, why don’t more people trust? What could be so difficult about trusting the Creator of the universe, the One who orchestrates the movement of the world and the ways of man, and the One who holds our very life in His hand? If anyone is worthy of trust it is He. And knowing that just trusting in Him can solve all of our problems, dissolve all of our confusion, and simplify this… life thing down to a place where we can focus on God and have peace with Him and our fellow man, why on earth would we not just trust?

The first thing we notice about all of these questions, and even the very fact that we are asking these questions to ourselves is that there is a choice to be made. Mankind is free to make his choices, but trusting God is surrendering the will to make those choices for himself. We don’t like giving up the reins, (or the TV remote), especially us guys, we like being in charge. Trusting God means relinquishing our ability to choose for ourselves what is best for us. And we understand that God knows what is best and can see the outcome far better than we can, still, it’s hard to give up your say in your life.

Salvation isn’t the only part of the Christian life that requires surrender. In fact, the Christian life may be well-characterized as the continual surrendering of oneself to the authority of God. Paul says that he dies daily, we are told that if we are going to follow Christ we need to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him. It’s a rejection of our own control over our lives, and surrender to the authority and perfect will of God. How difficult is that? Yet how simple is that…?

Surrender is so much easier said than done. But the more I try to think for myself and act for myself, the more I make the decisions in my life or just sit by and watch decisions be made for me, the more I realize life isn’t simple anymore. O, to have again those days when we were kids, carefree, the world was a playground with no responsibilities no consequences. Now, it seems everything we do we pay a price for in some way; particularly those things which majorly affect our lives or the lives of others. When did life become so complicated and complex? I think life ceased being simple the second you said to yourself, “This is my life”.

We’re all growing up, you reach the age where suddenly you’ve got to go to college, get a job, get married, have a family, start a business or ministry, work 40 years or 50 years, retire, have a nice house and plenty of money to spend for the rest of your life, visit your grandkids, donate your money to charity, leave whatever is left to those you love, and eventually leave the world hopefully better off than you found it. We work so hard to achieve that framework, to abide by those cultural guidelines of what life is supposed to be. But that’s walking by sight isn’t it? If we can see the outcome are we really trusting? It’s just that simple.

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