Keeping promises is easier said than done. Especially trying to keep ones that sound good coming out of your mouth but require more than just good intentions to fulfill. Have you ever promised something for forever? If you’ve ever made a promise saying you would always, or that you would never, you were promising for forever. The future-perfect tense is a tricky place; we can’t know the outcome of our actions and how the world will turn, so should we promise beyond what we can forsee? Is it dangerous to use the term forever?

In the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom agree to love and serve each other “until death does them part”. That’s a promise of forever. It’s a commitment for as long as is physically possible, through life, to always be there for the other person. Yet, how many marriages have been broken and promises unkept on this point? Forever is a long time of unforseeable situations and circumstances. How can we promise our forever to someone?

1st step to Forever- Knowing your Heart

The first thing we need to realize is the situation of our heart. If we don’t know our heart, it then controls us. Only by understanding it can we control our heart and by it, our lives.

How can you get to know your heart?

  • Study yourself. Spend time finding out who you are and establishing your beliefs. Watch your reactions and observe your life from the outside.
  • Study others. Take time to learn the wants and needs of others, as you begin to serve them, you will begin to surrender your heart’s will and desires to that of others.
  • Study God. Read His Word. He is the greatest authority on the human condition and His Word is the truth about life and mankind.

Only by knowing the state of our heart and its ways can we consciously promise for forever. If our heart is bound to our will and our will to the will of God, then we should not ever fear it changing. Only when two hearts are bound to God can they promise to bind to each other forever. God is already in forever and through Him we can keep that promise.

How does forever affect my life?

Beyond marriage, how do we apply the concept of forever into our lives. What about my friendships and relationships? How can I promise forever? For a finite being to promise tomorrow is to put their faith in the unseen and unsure. More than that, it is taking the gift of God for granted. Tomorrow is not promised to any man. How then can we promise our forever to someone? To make that commitment, our promise cannot be founded in our ability to keep it. If you say, “I promise I’ll always be here”, “I promise you’ll never have to go through that again”, “I promise to love, honor, and cherish you ‘til death do us part”, you CAN‘T keep that promise. In your own strength and according to your humanity, without Christ’s life and truth in you, you cannot keep a promise of forever. But, God can.

So how are we able to commit our future to someone? By trusting that God is in control of our future. And if you trust Him with your life, Lord willing, you can do anything. That’s the key: Lord willing. Knowing His will would make it easy for us to promise the future. But we don’t know the mind of God, and we don’t know His will. This is why we pray in Jesus’ name, or according to His will. You can only promise forever with certainty when you promise it Lord willing.

Do you really believe in forever?

If I told you I would always be here for you, you might say, “Do you really believe that?”. If I told you I would always love you, you might say, “Do you really believe nothing will change?”. How can I say forever? How can someone give their future to someone else, committing their life away, when they don’t know what tomorrow holds? When we think of it in terms of human logic and human relationships, it sounds foolish, perhaps even impossible. Yet, God asks us to give Him our forever: to love Him, serve, honor, worship, obey, for all-time and then some.

If you have first given yourself to God, you can, if it be His will, trusting in the plan and purpose He has placed within you, confidently promise forever. And through His strength only can you keep that promise. Sometimes you just know, you can feel it. When you know that you will always be there for someone else and you are not afraid to sacrifice everything for them; when God has given you the desire and will to do so, you can promise forever.

I promise:

  • I will always care about what goes on in the lives of those I love.  
  • To always be there for my friends and family when need me.
  • To never stop loving the lowly and hurting.
  • I will forever be true to my God and my King. 

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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