Like the undisturbed serentiy of a stream; 

As the starry skies from the country side; 

The stillness of the soft moon beams; 

The world through child-like, azure eyes; 

And as the rocks so hard and cold;

Such is the heart without a home;

Though into darkness, it walks afeared;

Through eyes of faith, the way is clear.

What is easy is not always right. What is right is rarely easy. We’re not promised that every dicision will be made for us, or that the right answer will simply be handed to us whenever we need it. Life has no cheat-codes, no Cliff’s Notes, there’s no 5-step success plan. The way forward isn’t always clear. Because of that; because Christians aren’t perfect; because we all are in this life thing together, (nobody gets to bypass difficulties or struggles), sometimes we just need to get away: emotionally, spiritually, physically. Call it introversion, reclusiveness, me-time, it amounts to each of us looking inwardly at ourselves, dealing with the issues of our own lives first so that we can be of use to others.

It’s okay to run away. Even Jesus during His ministry had to pull away from the crowds and be alone. There’s nothing wrong with getting alone with God to know yourself. But the purpose of that experience is not to get away and revel in God’s presence endlessly, enjoying that closeness with Him in that place. The purpose is to be reinvigorated and reingnited serve God and serve others out in the world. Getting to know ourselves is for the purpose of helping others and enjoying God more by fulfilling His purpose for who we truly are. 

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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