There’s something about a Sunday morning that makes me feel alive. The Spirit of God, the Presence of God, or maybe it’s the way I approach the day. 

Today we’re in Tennessee. We have been in this area for nearly a week now, but this is our first concert in the state and it’s exciting. Ever since we got back from Uganda there has been an unquenchable fire within me that only seems to grow at the prospect of ministerial opportunities. I feel like I’ve been handed the world on a silver tray to do with as I please. This kind of love for God and others can only be the product of a deep in-working of the Holy Spirit, and a transformation and conformity from my selfishness to a docile attitude of obedience to God’s will.

It’s difficult to sing in the mornings. My voice hasn’t quite awoken and sometimes it feels like a strain. But it takes a greater faith, knowing my limitations, to trust God to use my voice and the songs that I sing to touch the hearts of the hearers. Ultimately I sing for Him, so regardless of how my voice sounds, He hears me and loves me. But if the songs I sing or the words I say can make a positive difference in someone’s life than that’s what I want to be doing.

Sunday is not a magical day where everything turns out great. Sometimes it seems that way because we approach it with an expectation of God doing something in and through us. And He does and will if we ask Him and seek Him, but why only on Sunday? Because we have the opportunity and responsibility to attend a local body of believers for fellowship, study, instruction in the word, and it is more conducive to the work of the Spirit. So, I encourage us to prepare our heart for this day. Then, as God works in your life today, carry that with you all week. Continue to seek Him and continue to find. Sunday is just the start of something spectacular!

As always, thanks for reading.

—the anonymous novelist

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