My family partnered with Compassion International for many years, getting children sponsored through that organization until we began our own orphanage here in Uganda. Many of our team members, including members of my family still have children here in Uganda that we sponsor through Compassion International. Because we are here in the country, of course we take a day to bring the Compassion Children to where we are and spend some time with them.

If you’re not familiar with Compassion it is a child sponsorship organization that partners with local churches to provide food, education, clothes, and medical care for children in countries around the world. It’s an awesome experience to get to see what our money and letters are doing in the lives of others across the world from us! We are blessed to have the rescources to give to those in need.

When the first children arrived we played cards and hung out. These kids have become like little brothers and sisters to us as if they were adopted and not just sponsored. They write letters, we write back, we have a personal connection with them that is just so neat. God uses us in different ways to make an impact on certain people and them on us: Compassion International is one of those ways.

At 9:30 most of the Compassion Children began to arrive. We taught them how to play spoons. But instead of actual spoons, we used Smarties packages.

They had a blast just being with us and it was such a blessing to the team. The Yarbers sponsor a young man named Joshua. Pam Vidrine’s little girl is named Delight. My family sponsors 3 children: Benjamin, William, and Daniel. And Caleb Sponsors a girl named Mariam. Benjamin has a twin brother named Benson who Compassion allowed to travel with Ben to come and see us!
Compassion day is always a special day for us. It’s one thing to hear about what your money is doing to change a kids life. It’s another thing to see the joy in the face of a child that you’re responsible for supporting and giving hope. We are so tremendously blessed!

The day has only just begun and there will be much more to tell tonight when I get back to Akello. For now I’ll leave you to get a good night’s rest. Keep following the Hope Missions International Facebook page for updates, and search the hashtag #TeamHope17 for more posts and pictures.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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