Today we worshiped at Nakatunya PAG church in Soroti. It is within walking distance from Hope Children’s Village. Nakatunya is a large church building and has a very effective sound system. However, the equipment is outdated and the Ugandan’s have never properly been taught how to use it. Much of the sound is distorted and it is all very loud, but if noise is what it takes to strip away the distraction and worship, so be it. 

The message was a challenge to believers to witness, and we sang the “Hallelujah Chorus” and “Something Happens”. God moves and we felt Him in the service today. After church the team went back to the hotel to relax, get some work and preliminary packing taken care of before things got hectic on Monday. 

Adventure in Soroti!

We only thought it was going n to be a day of rest, but with Josh Miller, everything’s an adventure. Me, Josh Miller, Noah Hassler, and Wes Yarber walked into Soroti today from Akello Annex. It’s roughly a mile into town, and we visited some of the shops, walked the streets, and toured the opens-aired market. We bought some souvenirs and just hung out, enjoying our day on the town. It was a blast!

While we were out and about, our media team and some team leaders were taking pictures at Hope and squaring away some administrative things. The End.
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As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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