The morning hour at Hope was spent mounting doors on the pit toilet of the back property. The doors are solid wood and African made so they are both heavy and sturdy. James Monroe, Ricky Gault, and Robert Yarber had formerly been doing medical ministry only, so this was their first time to be doing other work and they handled it rather well. For James Monroe and Robert Yarber, this was their first time seeing Hope property this year; it was neat to see their reactions to the place where we had been working for many days already. While we were hanging doors, Pam Gates continued to paint the walls, which is actually a government requirement for orphanages. It doesn’t seem that important, but what she is doing helps keep Hope Children’s Village open and running.

If there is one thing we learn every year on this trip it is that the schedule is really just a guideline. The Ugandans work on their own time schedule. If it is 12:55 it is still 12. As long as you leave before the next hour, you are not late. Flexibility is always a key word. Flexible to the time on which we’re operating; flexible to the spirit of God; flexible to bend our wants and needs, surrendering our way and our will.

Because the water is not treated or filtered in Uganda, we make many stops while being transported place to place to buy bottled water. Every room at the hotels has a water filter in it, from which the team can fill water bottles, brush teeth, and whatever else they need to use it for.


We arrived to the school to the sounds of cheering! The children cheered each one of us as we walked off of the bus; we felt like celebrities. The precious children were so happy to see us; you couldn’t wipe the smiles off of their faces. Most of the team with me were men, (the women were at Straightway), and they spoke to different age groups within the school. After sharing about various topics and encouraging them to work hard in their studies, they would rotate to a different class and begin again. We did this for about an hour, passed out some pencils and copies of Scripture, then returned to Hope for lunch and soccer practice.

Sam surprised the team and had uniforms waiting for us, they were all yellow and we looked like real soccer players!

After soccer we all went back to hotel to clean up, then split into 4 groups to visit at the 4 CDI board member’s homes for dinner. It was a very busy and very tiring day. Tomorrow starts early and we pray for rest and awareness for the coming days.

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As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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