Today was an off day for ministry. Not that we did not minister or share the gospel, but it was more of an experience than a ministry day. Many of the team got to see the entire area surrounding Soroti from the top of Soroti rock, (a few thousand feet of misplaced elevation in the center of the city). We experienced the Ugandan marketplace where meat hangs on hooks, fish and produce litter wooden tables to dry and show off, flies swarm and fabric-covered poles make a covering for the bustling place. The smell of the fish and drying meats is intense and very pungent, but this is the world in which these people live. The conditions are primitive, but the people are content and thriving to the best of their abilities with what God has given them.
Some of the members of the team who didn’t wish to make the climb up Soroti rock stayed at Hope or the Kumi hospital to square away a few work projects. However, a few of them joined us at the base of Soroti rock for a time of ministry to the people who live there. 

When the LRA rebels came in and destroyed families and villages, the government allowed people to take shelter in the cities and they became known as Displacement Communities. People have been living without their lands, away from their homes for many years now because there is nothing left to return to. We want to bring them hope and the gospel.
The climb was amazing, but the view was beyond spectacular. Erin Stevens told how Andrea Sutton had looked out from the top at Soroti and told her, “This is the most beautiful city in the world. No other city is as beautiful as this one,” and then she said, “This is how God sees it.” Through the eyes of a child we realize the truth that God sees these people and this place with so much more love than we ever could from the surface. But through His eyes, and with His love we can. We can love them like God loves them; we can see them how He sees them.
Today was a day of acclimation and realization. A day to look back at the work we’ve done, to look forward to the work ahead, and to fall in love with this country as much as we have fallen in love with its people. Keep following the Hope Missions International Facebook page for updates and search the hashtag #TeamHope17 for more posts and pictures!

As always, thanks for reading.

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