All of the luggage of the team had to be brought downstairs before breakfast at the Kumi hotel, for today we depart for Akello hotel, our residence for the remainder of the trip. Akello hotel is in Soroti, near Hope Children’s Village, and will be a much quicker commute and better environment for carrying out multiple different ministry simultaneously in a single area.

Kumi hotel was much closer to the hospital where the medical team has been working, so it was better to stay here for several days and transport people to Hope, rather than the other way around. And it allowed us to see more of the landscape and people along the way back and forth. Uganda is a beautiful country, but it is a desperate country. Here in eastern Uganda the elevation is tropical, the climate is mild, and the vegetation grows plentifully. But the people are hopeless.

Centuries or more ago, Ugandans were ranchers. But a group of people came in, believing God had given them all of the cattle. They were called the Karomojong, which means cattle. They went into villages and towns and simply took the cattle because they felt it was their God-given right. When people refused to let them take their livestock, the Karamojong would take it by force, sometimes killing villagers. Because of this, the Ugandans became farmers. Not knowing how to properly grow crops, they struggled through decades of trial and error and hard lessons learned. Which is largely the reason the county is still developing economically; that along with insurgents by rebels and corrupt government have made it difficult for these people to rise above their poverty and destitution.

But God has not forgotten the people of Uganda. He loves them every bit as much as you and I.

“If these people had white faces they could be living back in my home state in Mississippi.”

–Dr. Robert Yarber

These people have the same issues, the same struggles. When we strip away the frills and fancies of American or European life, we find we are all humans and all in desperate need of grace. God has given the members of this team a heart for the ministry, a heart for the people, and a heart for Him. We can’t wait to see what He has for us today!!

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As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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