The hotel staff here at the Kumi hotel had treated us like royalty, taking care of all our needs, putting up with our musical preoccupation at night, even to setting up a campfire and chairs outside one night just for us to get a reminder of home. They’ve been fabulous and really have helped us focus on ministry without distractions or worries about our belongings or our well-being: we know they’ll watch and clean our rooms and take care of all our meals.

Today is a fresh start! We’re excited to being the days work. Andrew Sutton has the men continuing work at Hope, then traveling to the area of Bugundo– a rich farmland peninsula on lake Kyogo, south of Soroti–, where Andrew has been planting crops for us to harvest. These crops will generate income and food for Hope Children’s Village and are one of the ways we are attempting to build self-sustainability for the work in Uganda.

The women are finishing their sewing work today at the Sutton’s home and then this afternoon will be hosting a Bible club there for the children, in addition to teaching the Hope staff about hygiene and giving some other basic training of how better care for and teach the children with the resources we are bringing them. The medical staff did 13 tonsillectomies yesterday and will back at it again today but will also be performing other operations as the case may be.

The Sutton’s Home

The Suttons live around the corner from Hope, so we stopped there first to drop off our now expert seamstresses after all of their practice these last 2 day. Their house is surrounded by a wall and they have a personal guard to watch the grounds. There is a basketball goal at the Sutton house and a few of us Allen boys, Dad, and Noah Hassler played a little pick-up game while waiting for a few of the women to sort some supplies. Meanwhile, I found a water tower I could climb behind the house to get a few shots of the grounds and neighborhood.

At Hope Clinic

As if climbing were the theme of the day, I got the privilege of going up into the loft/attic of the work-in-progress Hope Clinic to drill down holes for more conduit. After that first day, we figured out how difficult and painful it could be to drill the holes up through the ceiling, (not to mention we were dulling all the bits), so today we drilled down. I did get the easy job, even though it is 120° up in the loft. Everyone below was working much harder than I cutting and mounting sheet rock, catching my drill bits when the slip out of the socket and handing the little things back up, though they were hot as firecrackers. More cutting for the wall studs is taking place; we nearly ran out of self tapping screws that could get through the think hide of the container wall yesterday, but Andrew Sutton picked up more and we’re back in business.

Still At Hope

Because the person overseeing the property in the Bugundo region had locked up the area and taken the keys with him to a church event, we couldn’t get started on the farming, but we knocked out so much work on the clinic today!

The Hope Children got off school early today to celebrate a few of their birthdays, and several of our team played around with them, made crafts, had snacks, and just let them know we loved them. It’s not hard. Sure, these kids are kids, but we love them like our own. They call us Auntie and Uncle and never get tired of playing with us.

On The Bus

We’re calling it an early night to get back to Kumi and have a mid-trip team meeting. We’ve really enjoyed our times of followship: playing cards, fighting over wifi, or just warbling away with each other. God’s been good! This team was made to work together and God is doing some spectacular things here in and through us! Continue to be praying and watching for updates on the Hope Missions International Facebook page and search the hashtag #TeamHope17 for more pictures and posts!

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist 

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