After seeing members of the team at breakfast who were previously sick the night before, it was encouraging to the rest of us and a fabulous way to start off the day of ministry: just knowing God had everything under control was taking care of us all physically. Rachael Sutton gave the devotion today from a unique perspective. She talked about how one day everything will be tried as by fire and things will be shaken and some things will stand. Those are the things we want to strive for, those are the things we want to commit ourselves to do; the things that will stand in the judgment; the good and perfect works which God has called us to perform.

At Hope

The work continues, there is a leadership conference for CDI, (Christian Development Initiative), the organization we work with in Uganda that will be taking place at the Kumi hotel with several of our team leaders: Todd Michelle Allen, Caleb Allen, David Coram, and Andrew and Rachael Sutton. The rest of the team will again be dividing into groups after reaching Hope Children’s Village and Soroti; the men will continue the construction we began yesterday, mounting sheet rock on the studs we installed and such like that. The women will return to the Sutton’s house to continue their sewing project for the Ugandan women, and the medical team have a relatively short drive to the Kumi hospital to continue with their surgeries, which have mostly been tonsillectomies.  
The construction of the Hope clinic is coming along nicely, once we got started things started rolling rather quickly after that. Yesterday seemed to be minor preparation work, but today we installed more wall studs, mounted the drywall, cut and treated more two by fours for more wall studs; overall the inside of the clinic which drastically different than what it did yesterday when we first arrived.

The painting Pam Gates is doing is slightly different than what she did last year. Painting animals and characteristics of those particular animals. Yesterday and today she has been painting numbers from 1 to 100, the letters of the alphabet, a few pictures depicting the importance of mosquito nets, and various other teaching depictions. Today she painted some small items next to the letters of the alphabet that began with that letter: Apple for A, Boy for B, and so on.

A lot got accomplished and with barely enough wifi left to go around I’m wrapping up today by posting this. You can follow the Hope Missions International Facebook page for more pictures and posts. Be sure to search the hashtag #TeamHope17!

As always, thanks for reading.

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