It was a 45-minute drive to Soroti from Kumi. On the drive the team was briefed on what would be happening once we arrived at Hope. Also on the drive Michelle Allen shared about a set of quadruplets who are literally starving out in a village near our orphanage. The government contacted all of the Child Advocacy organizations, of which we are one, about the desperate need of these children. The quadruplets are 3-years-old, there are 9 other children in the family, and their father is very elderly. The mother of the children died of cancer and the father had spent all the money he had and took out a loan to try and save his wife’s life. Everything this man earns now goes to pay his debts and there is no money to provide for the 9 older children, much less four 3-year-olds.
The government of Uganda had told us that our Children’s Village was at capacity and could not hold these extra little ones. However, there is an unfinished building on Hope property that when finished would open the housing to fit these quadruplets. Today Todd and Michelle went to see the children, bring food and aid to these little ones while the rest of the team worked hard squaring away construction projects!

After tea time, a remnant of British culture from their occupation of the country decades ago, Caleb and Danielle taught some sessions for young, single adults on Hope property. Tea time usual occurs mid-morning and consists of a 30-minute work break for tea, bananas, and jam and bread.
Most of the construction work was installing conduit for the electrical wires, which required us to drill holes in the ceiling of the shipping container, which is also the medical clinic. However, the drillbit we were using is not as large as the PVC pipe/conduit, so we have to wallow the drill holes out. Which, if you’re not from the south, wallow basically means to dig around and make the hole wider. When drilling into the ceiling the hot metal shaving fall down on you, so we wore glasses, hats, face gaurds, (which were really just contractor aprons wrapped around our faces), and one of my extra long-sleeved shirts to protect ourselves. Here’s Josh Miller and Noah Hassler getting it done in fashion.

This, along with treating about two dozen two by fours and cutting them down to make braces for the inside walls was well was what most of the construction consisted of today. There were various other projects such as painting going out of the ground at the time, many of the women of the team had gone to Rachael and Andrew Sutton’s home to do sewing projects for some of the Ugandan women. While there, Andrea Sutton got sick with some kind of stomach bug which may have been caused by something we ate for lunch. Whatever caused Andrea to feel sick also hit Debbie Monroe and Erin Stevens while we were on our way back to Kumi. We are praying it is nothing too serious and that they recover quickly.

Please continue to pray for us. You can see more pictures and posts on the Hope Missions International Facebook page and by searching the hashtag #TeamHope17

As always, thanks for reading.

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