On the road again… after what seemed like endless hours of flight, we landed in Entebbe, stopped in Kampala for a short night and early start on the drive to Kumi. Kumi is 30 minutes north of Soroti, and from Kampala to Kumi is mostly what the Ugandans call tarmac, which just means a paved road. There is only 1 of these in the country and much of it was built by the Chinese decades ago so it isn’t the best condition. Because of this, certain spots on the tarmac have been ripped up to be remade correctly. Much of the road is dirt or loose gravel, sometimes a detour will take you off the main drag for a few yards because there in no road at all where they’ve torn it up.

But, the construction at least means progress. To monitor speed, rather than having patrol cars and police officers at various points, they’ve built speed bumps through the town and village areas and have police checkpoints every so many kilometers. Uganda is still a developing country, so there are many imperfections but it is growing and developing. There’s been so much devastation with the LRA and various dictators who prevented Uganda from become a thriving country, they are only now emerging from all of the destruction and rising to prominence. 

But we are not here to help Uganda’s political or cultural situation; we are here to help the people. We don’t want to Americanize Ugandans. Our purpose is not to make them like we are. We have come to give them the gospel that can transform their lives and their culture. We are not here to make a difference in Uganda as a nation, but Uganda as a people and to enable these people to become difference makers in their country. We can change the nation one Ugandan at a time. And that is why we come preaching Hope and bringing love and good news to these people who so desperately need it. 

We have some down time tonight before diving into work tomorrow, so we’re playing cards, meeting with the missionaries and tailor who will make some African clothes for the team. 

Soon we will all look like Africans! 

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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