We’ve reached Amsterdam! 

By we, I mean Team A, –which stands for Allen, not Atlanta, but which could stand for Amsterdam now that Team C, which stands for Coram, not Chicago; though, it could stand for Caleb, who is the only member not here–. The result then is that Team A and Team C merge into a single team, also called Team A, (for Allen Family), leaving Caleb to be Team C, (for Caleb), or A, (for Allen), except then there would be two Team A’s and that’s just too confusing.

We are across the Atlantic from all of you back in the US, and I’m sending this on wifi because international roaming is a stark reality to wake up to on your phone bill after spending 2 weeks in Africa. Yes, we will have our phones turned off or in airplane mode for the entire trip. There is wifi available at the hotel where we are staying in Soroti, so updates will continue to be sent that way. This is our first time flying through Amsterdam and there’s a bit of a layover. Please continue to pray for our safe travel and that Caleb would arrive on time to meet us.

In the wait time, we played games and took naps. 

July 13, 21:00… or thereabouts

We’ve made it to Uganda! After a brief stop in Rwanda, we arrived in Entebbe and drove about an hour to Kampala, the capitol city of Uganda. We’ll stay here tonight before the road trip to Kumi tomorrow. Oh-, wait. I didn’t tell you about Kumi yet. Okay, so there is a hospital in Kumi where the medical team will be working for the trip and the rest of the team will be staying in Kumi for the first few days. For the first week Kumi will be the base of operations, while most of the ministry work outside of medical will be taking place in Soroti. For the second week, Soroti will be the base of operations and some medical ministry will still be carried out in Kumi. 

We’re excited to begin ministry tomorrow and pray that Caleb arrives safely and expediently here to join us. He will be boarding a flight to New York from Chicago and from Chicago to Amsterdam, then to Entebbe where he will arrive one day late. Pray for traveling safety for the team and that God would prepare our hearts for service.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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