We’re headed to Uganda Africa! Today is the day the team members will gather in Atlanta and Chicago to fly to Amsterdam, down to Kigali, Rwanda, then finally arrive at our destination: Entebbe, Uganda. We are packed and ready to go!

Every year we look foreword to what great things God is going to do in and through us on this trip and this year is no different. We want you to be praying with us and for us, and in that way you can have a part in the work we are doing! If you’re familiar with my family’s mission work, or have followed the blog updates in the past, you know that we work in the region of Eastern Uganda in the city of Soroti.

The language of the people is Ateso and is reminiscent of Spanish in the way that the vowels have only one pronunciation and are very pronounced. We are excited to be back on the mission field again and serving Christ in Africa, but the adversary has begun his attacks. Storms over Chicago have grounded flights coming in. My brother Caleb, one of our team members, is supposed to be flying from Springfield to meet Team A, (Allen), in Chicago. Team C, (Coram), is leaving from Atlanta, and as far as we’ve heard, everything is going smoothly there as far as flights. 

For those of you who don’t know, Dave Coram is one of the trip leaders and is in charge of the team leaving from Atlanta, just as my parents are of the team leaving from Chicago. So when I refer to Teams A and C, I’m talking about the two different departure locations for the team. Unfortunately, the A for Allen could also stand for Atlanta, and the C for Coram could be for Chicago. Try not to get confused. 

I’ll be blogging more officially on the Hope Missions International Facebook page, so be sure to follow along! And you can search the hashtag #TeamHope17 to get all the posts and pictures from the trip!

Please pray for safe travels and that flights would depart and arrive on schedule. Another concern is for the luggage, which NEVER arrives all at the same time. Without fail, every year we take in teams something doesn’t make it there when we do. Please pray that all the luggage would arrive safely and on-time so that nothing would deter or hinder ministry. We want you to be excited with us about the INCREDIBLE work God is doing in Uganda!

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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