I am NOT defined by what others think

I am NOT defined by the things I’ve done

I am NOT defined by who my family

I am NOT defined by where I come from

I am NOT defined by what you say

I am NOT defined by how I act on my worst days

I AM defined by the blood of Jesus Christ and His forgiveness of my sins

I AM a child of God!

Who Do Men Say That You Are?

My dad preaches a sermon: “Who Do Men Say That You Are?” Based off the story in Scripture where Jesus asks His disciples “Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?” (Matthew 16:13) The point is not to stress that Man’s opinion of you should impact your actions or reflect you inner identity in Christ, but to discover if your identity is inward only and there is no evidence of a transformation in your life. Who do me say you are? People say that if you truly want to uncover information about a person, don’t ask them, ask their family, their friends, those close to them. Because we are too jaded to our own present situation to be objective about the way things are in our lives. The question, “who do men say you are?”, is one that merely asks: can others tell by your life that you are in Christ and He in you? Don’t let others define you, but let God only confined you.

What are you defined by? 

I ask a lot of personal questions on this blog, and I hope they have the same affect on you as they have on me and cause you to look at your life and really examine it against the Bible. If your lifestyle doesn’t align with what the Bible says something’s wrong and I’m inclined to believe it is not the Bible. This isn’t a popular topic, but many would rather not read the Bible at all because they can’t bear the conviction that they are living against God’s will and plan. 

But I’m not here to judge, and I don’t wish to alienate you. I’m here to uplift you, encourage you, and yes, challenge you. Sometimes that means saying things you don’t want to hear. I don’t want to hear them either, believe me; but maybe we need to hear them. What you allow to define you, as opposed to what God says you are defined by shapes who you are. If you let the world define you, you will never make a definite difference in the world. In the end when we look at ourselves what we see doesn’t look like who we thought we were. 

My favorite fantasy/fiction story of all time is called, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, it’s a fantastic allegory of our lives affecting our souls. We paint our own hideous portraits with every sinful stroke, making an image of ourselves like a monster we never thought we would become. When we see ourselves as we truly are, will we just stand there in shock and say indignantly, “That is not who I am”. Or will we, with the truth and life of Christ within us boldly and confidently say, “That is not who I am”, knowing God has forgiven our sins and made us clean. 

What’s the difference?

The words are the same, but the spirit behind them is what matters. The difference is denial of our sins, and denial to our sins. That was picture of us, made ugly by every wrong we do, every sin we commit, that is what other see; and it might just as well be a mirror, for all of us have a wretched picture. Unless we show men a change in our lives, we leave them with our verbal admission that we have found a fountain of cleansing. And they simply ask, “What’s the difference?”, what change in our life proves what we say is true? Where is the evidence of our salvation? Friends, when something as monumental as the Almighty God of the Universe comes to live inside of you there WILL be change! There WILL be evidence! You can’t hide the presence of God in your life. But you can hide Him from others; you can confine your Christianity to a church building or your home. 

Who do men say you are? What are you defined by? Who do you say you are?

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist 

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