Hello! It’s morning. The sun rose and everything! It is actually morning! As in, before people should be awake. In fact, I’m pretty sure AM stands for “Adversary of Man”. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to get out of bed. Humans weren’t meant to get up early, (by early I mean anything before 10:00am). Even our bodies are against us in the mornings. It’s like your muscles are saying, “Don’t do it. You’ll regret it”. And their right, you do regret it for the first few minutes, but it doesn’t last long, maybe only until your 4th or 5th hit of caffeine.

Mornings have always been my Achilles’ Heel. Living on the road singing, late nights = tired singers. I used to take an agnostic approach to mornings: denying the existence of any hour before 12:00 noon. But that was only in my younger years when AM, to me meant “After Midnight”, which consequently was the only quality time I ever spent in the AM hours of the day.

But it is a morning. I’m up. I really did get up this early. Why would I do that? Why would I, who hates mornings so much that I set my alarm just so that I can ignore it. I, who intentionally stays up late simply for the pleasure of sleeping past 12. I, who doesn’t sleep-in for the sake of resting, but just to spite mornings. Why would I do a thing like this? Why would I wake up this early? Well, I didn’t do it for me, and it wasn’t easy. I did it for you. I’ve been selfish, I’ve slept-in, slept my life away because I wanted to. Apathy is one of my favorite flavors of self-indulgence. I mean, I cry religious persecution when I have to wake up at 8:00 to load in for a Sunday Morning service. The irony. So, I’m sacrificing my god of sleep, because worshiping it has caused me to neglect things that are truly important. 

I have gone under to the dark side of the covers, the place where there is only selfishness and thoughts of one’s own comfort and enjoyment. There’s a world outside my blankets that I never see. And the sunrise: wow! That’s was beautiful! Do those things happen every day? How much we miss when we only think about ourselves. Ehn, morning mourning, (you knew it was coming). The sun rises to a new day, but if you sleep through the sunrise, does it really happen at all? It might seem like a silly question, but it isn’t. If you don’t wake to the dawning of a new day, you’re still living the old one. Maybe we never get better, we never change or grow because we are living the longest day of our lives, never seeing a sunrise.

“The rising of the sun is a reminder that life is reborn each new day, and the setting of the sun is a promise that when evil dies in the world, the stars will shine again.”

I wrote that… I dunno, several years ago, and it’s stuck with me. It’s not so special, it’s almost plain and drab. But there’s some truth there. Wake to new life each day. Take the most vital hours of your days to devote to the most vital element in your day, God, His Spirit in you, and His Word. They say the key to a productive day is a large, healthy breakfast that provides the energy you need. I say, we apply that rule to God. If we start the day with fellowship with God, prayer, study, and listening to Him, He will give us the strength, the wisdom, and the love to live our day. Everyday. Not just today. Not just tomorrow, this week, this year. Everyday. Hey, if I can lose 5 hours of sleep to write a blog post, you can start your day with God while you’re already up at the insane hour. You know, I think PM stands for “Paradise of Man”. But, I also think God gave us the AM to focus on the I AM. 

Every year my family and a team of people go into Uganda, Africa to do mission work. It’s a powerful time of revival for everyone on the team as we experience God in a personal way! But, even when that fire is so bright, when we come back home after the trip, it doesn’t take long for the fire to slowly die out. Other people don’t share the enthusiasm; it’s hard to celebrate on your own. Nobody likes dancing by themselves. So, I’m encouraging you to start a fire and rekindle it daily. Get down and dirty with the truth of this life. Everything is coming to an end soon, what we do on this earth for Christ and His Kingdom is all that will last or matter. Live your days to the maximum impact for God.

Start your day right. Make this the first day of the rest of your life. Die to self, even if it’s denying your body sleep, maybe removing something from your morning routine to use the time for God. Read His Word; it’s a better exercise than getting in another 5,000 steps in your Fitbit. Talk to Him; it’s more insightful than the newspaper or Fox, CNN, NBC, or any other News Network.  Spend some quality time with God. It’ll change everything about your day. It will change everything about your life.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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