What can I say to worship You

In the way that You deserve?
How can I bring You glory

Through my life and on this earth?

Give to me the words O, God

Let this dust cry out Your praise.

For the blessed trials I’ve gone through

Dear Lord, what can I say?

My life is to bring the maximum amount of glory to God Almighty. Praising Him with every breath is why I’m living. If no one ever reads this post, if no one ever reads this blog, yet the words written here exalted, gave praise and adoration, magnified the glory of The Infinite God, it would not be in vain. Definitely, the more people who read this, the more praise I can inspire in others to give back to God; the greater the glory achieved through this blog. 
If I have ever posted something vain, if selfishness was the theme of any post. If my heart sought the praise of man rather than the approval of God: I have failed. I apologize if my heart has not been right. I’m sure sometimes it may read through the words that I write. But more often, the heart behind what I do only affects me and God. You may still receive a blessing, an encouragement, or a challenge from any of these posts whether or not my intentions behind them were pure and just. In the end game, it doesn’t really matter what we do for God, only what He does through us.
Our motives are faulty. Our methods are flawed. Even with the most simplistic, organic gospel message, we can be selfish, arrogant, conceited, and unrighteous in our spirits and in our approach. Be open to God’s leading. Never take on an endeavor without seeking His will and committing your results, win or lose, to His glory.
As always, thanks for reading.
–the anonymous novelist 


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