The gleaming glint of galactic glory in ebony, evening’s embers of ecstasy echo erroneously til times of twighlight dim to dawning of day; and light leaves lumins lacking luster juxtaposed jarringly to incomparable incandescent illumination: solvent supremacy seated in splendor, the sun stills starlight sparkles and shakes the shattering shards of souls to steal the shining stole of God.


He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. 

–John 1:10 (KJV)

Stained glass windows are great decorations, but they are very poor transmitters and receptors of light. If God is inside the church, and the main goal of the church is to let everyone outside the church know where God is, why do we fill the only viewing areas of our church with objects that are impossible to see through? 

God’s light shining through us cannot even penetrate from inside the church to the outside through our stained glass windows. How are we supposed to let people outside the church know how happy, fulfilled, and joyful we are in Christ if they can’t even see us inside the church?

It’s not about inside the church, it’s about outside the church. Very few non-Christians will pass by your church when you are worshipping on Sunday mornings or evenings or Wednesday evenings and look through the windows to see what’s going on inside. Some may, but very few will. 

It’s not about what happens in the church on Sunday, it’s about what happens in the world on Monday. 

You’re not to be a light for Christ in the church only where no one can see you. You are to be a light for Christ in a world where everyone can see you. One single, solitary light can shine in the darkness much farther than one single, solitary light in a group of other single, solitary lights.

Single, solitary light

Every light is unique and individual as much as it is indistinct and uniform. One light is as all others while still being its own specific self. The group does not become brighter by number of members, only larger and farther reaching. However, when lights in a group spread out, they cover far more area than if they stay close together. 

A lantern is built so that the light source is in the center, surrounded by glass. The glass allows the light source to be amplified and the recipients to view said light source. The lantern is not made of dark, colored glass, but simple, undecorated, ordinary, clear glass. The objective is not to bring attention to the casing, but to the light within. People do not thank the lantern for the light, but the source within the lantern. Our light is not to be confined in darkly colored walls…

What colors our lanterns

Stained glass windows are a picture of how God found us before He saved us. We were broken, we were stained. Broken glass is useless and it is harmful, yet God put the pieces together and made something beautiful. But the reason our glass lantern walls are colored is our stains. When we do not allow Jesus to cleanse us from our sins, His light cannot shine through them to others. Have you ever know someone whom you believe to be a Christian but don’t see any evidence in their life? The light of Christ can’t shine through sin stained glass. 

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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