I was reading John 7, (by the way, it’s a fabulous chapter. I highly recommend it), and noticed something I’d never really seen before. Jesus had brothers… not just one, multiple brothers. Obviously He was the oldest, and technically they were not completely, biologically His brothers because He was born of the Holy Spirit, (important fact). But, Jesus had several younger brothers, or at the very least He had two.

That alone had me thinking quite a bit. You might think you have problems with a “perfect sibling” in your family; what must it have been like to be the brothers of Jesus? That’s a lot to live up to. Granted He was not a perfect son to His earthly parents, getting left behind in Jerusalem at 12, (the temple teaching escapades), wasn’t exactly part of the trip schedule. Jesus was extraordinary, rather, He was unordinary.

Pardon me while I jump on a bunny trail:

Why do we even have words like extraordinary? Supposedly it means “above average”. However, extra ordinary means hyper ordinary, or even more average than everything else that is ordinary.
What about superhuman? Supposedly it describes someone with abilities transcending human parameters. Super human, anywhere else would mean more human than all others. Or, in some cases, a very good human, not inhuman or otherworldly.

Okay, back to reality. If there was a super human: someone who emulated perfect humanity, (that’s an oxymoron), it would’ve been Jesus. Yet, even superhuman is beneath Him. Extraordinary may well have defined His disciples; they were an average man’s average man. Nobodys on the social ladder; not the spiritual elite, not even reputable many of them. Yet Jesus used extra ordinary people for a super human task: to be message bearers of the Good News.

The whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments, (Ecclesiastes 12:13). So then, to be fully human, or super human, is to be faithful in that duty. Single-minded, God-serving, self-denying followers is what we are to be.

For neither did his brethren believe in him. –John 7:5 (KJV) 

Let that statement take full effect. Jesus’ own brothers didn’t even believe He was who He said He was. Jesus was, in a way, rejected by His family. He didn’t fit in with the other. I’m sure His parents loved Him, and His brothers also. But, He didn’t have the support of His brothers. Many of you can probably identify with feeling like the black sheep; only Jesus was the spotless lamb. His ministry wasn’t to fit in, to be loved by all men, but to love all men and prove the love of the Father for them.

You think you have problems? So did the problem solver. He lived as we lived to show us it could be done, to bring us to God and set an example of how to live. He endured the trials you face and overcame them. Not even Christ had perfect circumstances, yet He lived a sinless life. He is our example, and He alone living through us by the Holy Spirit can bring about true change in our lives.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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