For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. –Romans 7:15(KJV)

After consulting with an herbalist, (because I believe in sorcery), about the state of my physical health, (or lack thereof), I have come to the conclusion that my diet may not be beneficial to my wellbeing. For example: since I have a difficult time digesting gluten, it is not particularly wise to consume an entire loaf of bread in a single sitting, (though, that never stopped me from doing it). Also, it would seem that 52oz of Dr Pepper is not supposed to be part of your daily regimen and is actually viewed as inordinate.

The state of my diet seems to have immense spiritual application upon the issues of carnal Man. As Paul said, and I paraphrase: I don’t like what I do; I don’t do what I want to, and I do what I don’t. In other words, the struggle is real. It’s hard to live a dietary good life while still retaining quality of life, mainly because it goes against our basic physical desires.

Just to debunk every misconception laid upon you by optimistic dietitians in acute denial, (likely caused by their abnormal diets), the more “healthy” foods you eat does not constitute or create a magical love of healthy foods. Humans crave what is not good for them. Sin is like the spiritual equivalent of a marshmallow peep to the body. Yet, people still eat peeps–nobody really knows why, science can’t explain it–, because they’re bad for us. It’s not just peeps, it’s grease, fried foods, caffeine, sugar, gluten, (not wheat, just raw gluten), and all other manner of delectable evil. 

Thing is, it’s not just your stomachs and taste buds that crave what’s bad for them, it’s your heart and mind that do also, and often indulge themselves. Our souls crave the devil’s food cake of the world. The things we don’t wanna do, guess what: we do them! The things we want to do, well guess what: we don’t do them! Do you know why we don’t enjoy eating healthy? Because it tastes wretched, that’s why. Healthy doesn’t equal tasty. I’ve never had a craving to eat vitamin pills. No matter how often I eat pills, I will never develop a craving for them like the one I have for Dr Pepper. Because they taste AWFUL

The things we want to do we don’t, and the things we don’t want to do we do. It’s the human condition. A diet is the solution! It must be! If we try hard enough to make ourselves enjoy good things, maybe we will! Sorry, no. That’s not the answer. If my nature, part of my identity, who I am way down deep inside doesn’t like something, it’s not like I can flip a switch and all of that be changed. Maybe a diet can be good for my health, maybe it can fix my problems, but it won’t eliminate the cravings for unhealthy food and drink.

You see, all of this is the same about our spiritual selves. We can try our hardest to do the good things and give up the bad, but unless the craving is removed we will always want the bad things. God is the only one who can remove our sin cravings. When we come to Him, God takes away our desire to sin. Does that mean we won’t ever sin again? No. But it does mean we won’t like it, we won’t enjoy it, and we won’t feel good for having done it.

If I swear off fast food because it’s unhealthy, that doesn’t mean I won’t eat it again, just that I don’t want to. If I do eat it I won’t feel good about it, and I won’t really enjoy it. God can remove the craving for sin so that we don’t have to indulge our selfish flesh. Sounds simple, but what is good for you isn’t always hard to swallow. For God to get rid of your problems, you need to give them to Him. That’s means stop worrying about them, stop depending on yourself to deal with them. Only God can do what God can do and He doesn’t need an assistant. 

For God to remove your sin craving, He must take everything of you out and put all of Him in. It though to give up control of what we do, we enjoy living a spiritually unhealthy life. But just as a physical cleanse through my diet can increase my longevity, a spiritual cleansing through salvation and surrender to God gives you everlasting life.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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