“The deception of the Devil is not reserved for the unsaved, the ungodly, and the reprehensible.”

–the anonymous novelist

Satan and his demons are just as vested in trying to get Christians to mess up, messing with their minds and deceiving them, as they are with lost people. The difference is the deception for lost people is so they won’t believe in Jesus, and the deception for Christians is so they won’t proclaim Jesus. No one is above or beyond temptation and deception. 

We often pray for others, sometimes even thinking it would be selfish to pray for ourselves; but there are times we need to pray for ourselves more than others. We are all susceptible to sin and corruption! Don’t ever forget that! Guard your heart, ground your faith, and grow in Christ daily that you would not fall prey to the deception and condemnation of the Devil.

The Silence of Unconfessed Sin:

You may have surety of your salvation, but maybe you’re not as effective as you once were for Christ. Unconfessed sin in our lives can silence the Holy Spirit and cause us to grow cold toward the things of God. But a Christian cannot harbor unconfessed sin and maintain their witness! We can’t live a double life. God has no secret Christians. We are to be proclaim Christ with our words and with our lives. 

“Unconfessed sin is just giving the Devil fiery arrows to fire back at you.” 

–Evangelist Bill Britt

If you harbor that sin in your heart be sure the forces of darkness will bring it against you. Satan loves to bring up our past fault and failures, and we can tell him that those were in the past. But what about the sin you hide in your heart even now of which he is reminding you? Don’t hold onto it any more! Give it to Jesus, turn away from it and He will forgive you.

Walking as Jesus Walked:

We’re not living like Jesus. The church isn’t acting like the church. We are commanded in 1 John 2 in verse 6 to walk as Jesus Himself walked.

“He that saith he abideth in Him ought himself also so to walk, even as He walked.” –1 John 2:6 

Can you honestly say that is true of your life? I’m preaching to myself too. Don’t think anyone is exempt from this message; nobody gets a free pass because it doesn’t apply. No, this is for all of us. We are to walk like Christ, we are to follow in His footsteps; do as He did! Another great quote from this evangelist, and I love how he said this:

“I don’t believe America has rejected the Jesus in this Bible, I believe they’ve rejected the Jesus they see in Christians.” –Evangelist Bill Britt

Those are powerful, convicting words. Are we the reason America has turned away? We should be showing the love of Jesus Christ to everyone who see us, speaking words of love to each other. Jesus said that the world will know we are following Him by the fact that we love one another! Are we showing the world a Jesus they would want to know?

What kind of God have you put your faith in? What demands has He made of your life? I’ll tell you what He wants from me: complete and unreserved obedience to Him, submission to His will, for me to seek Him and know Him more, and to be a bold witness to the nations. The final question is what are you going to do about it? This is not a post to guilt trip you, it’s a wake-up call for everyone. We are to be living like Christ, walking as He walked!  


One last quote from Bill Britt and I’ll wrap this post up.

“Your Salvation is not based on what you did in the past, it’s based on what you’re doing now.” –Evangelist Bill Britt

That’s the ringer. If you’re not living for Jesus, not showing His love and sharing His message, it might be because you’ve never been saved. If the Holy Spirit comes into your life, you won’t ever get over it, not in ten years, not in a hundred. Picture this: you show up to a house for visitation and a guy answers the door, drunk, his arm around a woman who is not his wife. You ask him if he is saved and he tells you, “Oh yeah, I’m a Christian. I walked down the aisle and prayed a prayer when I was 8….”. Well, evidently it didn’t take! If you’re saved, there will be evidence in the way you live your life! Don’t look to something that happened in the past, the evidence of the state of your soul is your life right now! 

The Holy Spirit doesn’t move out, He doesn’t go on vacation, and He never lets us do evil and feel good about it. It’s not that Christians can’t or don’t sin, it’s just that they’ll feel an awful lot worse if they do than a lost person would. The Holy Spirit won’t allow us to enjoy sin; He convicts us of sin. Our lives today are the evidence of our salvation. Don’t look to what you think you did or said, examine your life right where you stand. You can’t live like Jesus if you don’t know Him. You can’t walk like Him unless you’re walking with Him and following after Him. Be sure. Don’t doubt your salvation, set it right. Surrender all to Jesus and accept His love and His payment for your sins.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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