Home is always best. They say home is where the heart is, that may be true. But, home is also where the heart longs to be. There’s something in the security, the honesty of home that causes us to keep coming back. It’s one of the only places we can truly be every inch of ourselves without pretense. Home is rest, we can stop putting on a show, burning ourselves out, and just relax. 

I’ve been away from home(the bus), and in San Antonio, TX for the past two days. Today is the drive back to LA where the bus and the family is. We’re heading home today. But for me, who has travelled on the road practically since birth, home is wherever I am content. I’ve been to very few places that didn’t feel like home, and my family, if they’re honest, will tell you I am annoyingly content. Rather, I am annoyingly undescided, but it comes from contentment. I don’t think it’s voluntary, if it is or was, I wasn’t consciously making an effort to be more content: I just am.

One of my siblings will ask if I want to go out and play football, and I can truthfully answer that I have no preference to doing that or sitting in the bus doing… well, nothing. My brother Josh, who I went with to San Antonio, asked if I wanted to grab something to eat, and I answered that it was up to him; it didn’t matter to me if I ate or not. Not to brag on myself, I don’t consider it a gift or a blessing, in fact it’s often a point of conflict. Even if I’m starving, I can be as content eating as not. 

But, in regards to home, I’ve never felt as if I was not at home most anywhere on earth. An important part of that is mindset. We are citizens of heaven, not of earth. That is our home, anything here below is just a resting place. This world is not my home, I’m just passing through. But, it’s always good to be where family is, where ministry is, where you feel God has called you to be for this time in your life. And if you ask me, that’s home.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist 

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