Feelings are the pulse of personality and occupy the throne of every everyone’s spirit. Have you ever acted spontaneously? On an impulse? Some call it foolhardiness; some call it following your heart, not your head. All of these statements refer to the same general concept of allowing your feelings to govern your actions. 

What’s wrong with following your heart and being true to yourself?

“Following your heart” is a phrase applied to people who act without thinking or reasoning through the consequences their actions may entail. 

But, following your heart is only part of acting upon your feelings. As far as being true to yourself, God is truth, Mankind is false. Therefore if you are true to you, and you are false, you end up betraying even your own identity.

You cannot be true to yourself and to God, for to serve self is reject God and to serve God is to reject self. If we can be honest and truthful with ourselves, we realize we are sinners, we are fallen from perfection and from Truth. 

So, we can’t follow our heart alone; the Bible says we can’t even trust what our heart tells us. But, what do we do with all of these feelings tugging us this way and that?

If we can’t trust our hearts, what about our heads?

Feelings hurt the mind to ponder ends of paths they seek to wander. 

You’ve been to this point where you’ve dreamed of something, wanted it so badly that it hurt. We all have known the place of longing, the place where our feelings create imaginations we cannot attain. It hurts not being able to make our feelings known or our dream realities. The mind plays tricks on us, giving us a false sense of control while leading us captive to the whims of our own feelings.

You may not know this, but your mind is smarter than you are. Oddly enough, the human through both the conscious and subconscious –which includes memory, cognizance, command, logic, thought, and sensory perception areas of the mind–, only accesses a minority sector of its brain. The mind is capable of far more than that for which we use it. Yet, though it is more powerful and extensive than our applications, still it is subject to our commands. But we cannot trust it: never fully.

What can we trust?

The man who knoweth his own spirit is blessed, for he holdeth his life in his hand.

The spirit is the meta of man. The intangible, compatible software for our physical, tangible hardware. The spirit controls the heart, (as an intelligent organ capable of thought), and the mind. Our spirit is not like our soul, which is the true identity of us, but is our personality: how our identity manifests itself in our behavior and internal processes.

You spirit is your direct line to God. When a person comes to Christ on God’s terms, surrendering their life to Him, accepting the blood of Jesus as payment for their sins, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of them. He, (the Holy Spirit), then bears witness with the spirit of Man. God’s spirit indwells those who accept Him by faith, and then begins to guide their spirit in the path of righteousness. 

But I’ve followed my heart for so long, how do I learn to follow God’s Spirit in me?

Even Christians, those who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord, even they make the grievous mistake of following their head or heart. We all have; we all do; we all probably will in future if we are not careful. Feelings are not bad things, the tell us how to react, they let us know we’re alive. But if our feelings guide our thoughts, and our thoughts guide our actions, then we must be wary of what we allow ourselves to feel. 

Rather than follow feelings, we should follow Christ, led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, bearing witness with our spirit the truth of the Word of God. Don’t allow feelings to distract you from following. Believe me, if you chase your feelings, you’ll never catch them. Be true to God, and you will be true to yourself.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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