Casual outfits, casual parties, casual restaurants, casual churches. When did all of this lifestyle of wanton carelessness of word and deed become hereditary?

Here Are The Facts:

Mass Market Media is one of the highest platforms for cultural influence in the modern world. Movies, music, social media, news, not only do they have unprecedented sway over the general populace, but they realize it. More so, each media outlet has an agenda they’re pushing (imposing), on unaware and apathetic viewers.

The everyday media consumer takes in so much that they really can’t be accountable for their apathy towards the indoctrination to which they are subjecting themselves. But, for the Christian, or less, the morally resolute individual who is consciously aware of the desensitization they are receiving, it is shameful and inexcusable! How can we claim to be followers of Christ and yet deliberately allow ourselves to be led away, caused to be dormant and idle?

Getting Off My High Horse

With the same mouth I can condemn certain actions or lack of action, as the case may be, and yet say that your conscience is a better guide for your life than mine is. Because I can observe and make rational–if insensitive at times–, judgements on what I find myself and others doing wrong, my words may sound like law or criticism. However, this post was not to judge you, but to warn you. To be desensitized to sin and temptation is dangerous! Let me explain why all of this came up in the first place.

Disney, (uh oh, here it comes), is preparing for the release of they’re new, (wait for it), live-action “Beauty and the Beast“, (agh! There it is).


Some of you may not yet know that the new movie will have a homosexual character: Lefou. Now, to some, this little bumbling villainous sidekick of Gaston has always seemed to be a little… strange. Many have even though he might have been homosexual even in the original Disney animated movie. But it’s only half the issue whether he is or is not. Disney too often exploits their influence over fans with whom they have built a rapport of good quality films, to push their political, religious, and moral ideas.

There is always the argument, “you don’t have to watch the movies if you disagree with the content”. But that isn’t the point.

  1. This character is a side character, people don’t watch the movie simply to see him.
  2. Disney is solidifying a position and perpetuating a normality about a .01% minority.
  3. It’s an unnecessary element that only detracts from the story.
  4. It’s an affront and a challenge to Christians.

What I mean by that last point is that Disney, (maybe Satan too), wants to see if we will watch it regardless of the twisted content. Disney is a company made of humans, humans love to push the limits, to see how much they can get away with. We made games out of it as kids. Disney is doing it now with this film; they want to see how much they can include without turning people off. How desensitized they can make us over time with a little sin here and a little sin there.

What’s Wrong With Portraying Sin? Other Movies Do It.

Even Christian movies portray sin to get across a point of some kind. We watch all sorts of movies with stealing, killing, cursing, immoral relationships and inappropriate situations, lying, adultery, coveting, idolatry, and many, many other sins. But, the difference should be the perspective. Is the sin condoned, disregarded, acknowledged as sin? The purpose for portraying sin in Christian films is to show not only the emptiness, sorrow, destructiveness, and evil of it, but to shun the sin and show how to escape it. Sometimes in secular movies we can reconcile certain sins portrayed with “the end justifies the means”, or the negativity with which it is shown.

Disney, Beauty and the Beast, no remorse, no regret, no regard for what is right and wrong. It doesn’t affect them if they show this kind of thing, but it effects everyone who watches it in a conscious or subconscious way.

Pointing Broken Fingers

When you try to point with a finger that is broken, it hurts, a lot. So I won’t tell you what to do. I’ve simply told you what I know and how I see things. I’m not the Holy Spirit and I’m not God. Not only do I have no power or right to tell you what or what not to do, but I have no authority or influence to make you listen and/or obey. I’ve told you the facts, this is where things stand as they are. Only God can tell you what to do; ask Him and listen to how He responds.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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