Today’s thought is just that, a thought.

More Life

We are creatures of ardent passions. Thousands of years of devolving from our starting perfection has made us no less desirous of selfish lusts. But, they have served to build an apathy when it came to the objects of that passion. We blindly throw ourselves this way and that to indulge whatever we fancy. But, God created creatures with the greatest capacity for love so that we would love Him.  The amount of life in my day is always going to be directly affected and dictated by the amount of Christ in my day.

The song says, “If I’m gonna be in this world and not be of it, Lord I need more of you in all that I do”. That’s what gets us through the day. More Christ is more life in my day, and it’s time to stop just talking like it: I need to start living my belief in a profound way.

More Christ

Who I am behind a computer screen or a notepad is one thing. Who am I to the guy at Mcdonald’s that I bought the drink from? Or the guy at the gas station; the lady at Wal-Mart; the person on the corner; the guy with the cardboard sign. That’s who I really am. It’s God who gives the energy, the smile, the life; but not just so that we can annoy unhappy Christians. You we’re given life to take it to the world on life support, the dying around you. Spend the life you have today because you have the source of life.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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