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For some reason Monday has this aura surrounding it that makes it practically a holiday. It’s like every week we have our own Halloween/April Fools combo deal where the universe plays pranks on us. But in all fairness, it isn’t Monday’s fault! If Tuesday was the first work day after the weekend, we would complain just the same about it. Nonetheless, Monday is still the dreaded back-to-work, back-to-school day; so, hey: at least it’s not Monday right?

Well, Tuesday has enough problems on its own.


Here’s where it’s at: Monday is the first official work day of the week; but when it’s over, Tuesday feels like you’re already halfway to Sunday. Tuesday is the drag. The day after you work yourself stiff and don’t even get to bed early like you did Sunday night to prepare you for the Monday grind! It’s brutal. But, hey! At least it ain’t Monday!

What really drives your Tuesday Motivation? What gets you up in the morning pepped and ready to roll into another grueling, brain-numbing work day?

mondayFor an entrepreneur, Tuesday Motivation is making a name for themselves or their brand. Grinding out solid networking and mental strategy hours to push themselves in this world and in their markets.

mondayFor the steady day job worker, the motivation of working among their peers, building a rapport in office and among their superiors, and chasing that raise might keep them at it. For the body builder it’s that next checkpoint, that goal, that benchmark.

mondayFor the student it’s to finish schooling, to improve their mind and chances at a future. All of our motivation comes from thing we haven’t yet reached that we are still pushing towards. What if it’s all backward?

If you live only for tomorrow, you’ll miss the blessings of today.

At Least It’s Not Yesterday!

Monday and Tuesday are just words, they aren’t good or evil by themselves. But, the motivation for Tuesday shouldn’t be to make a better Wednesday. We should wake up every Tuesday and say “Thank God it’s not Monday”. Not because Monday was any worse than Friday, Sunday, or any other day; but because Monday was yesterday and we don’t live their anymore.

Tuesday is a fresh start. The sins of yesterday can stay there, we are going to face this day with everything we’ve got: thankful that we get another crack at this life thing. This time, we’ll do better. Not for the sake of tomorrow, nor for the fear of yesterday, but for the blessing of the here and now that we’ve been given.

As always, thanks for reading.

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