Celebrities in uproar verbally protest the Texas”Bathroom Bill”!

“Texas Senate Bill 6” mandates that transgender individuals use the bathroom assigned to the gender on their birth certificate. Sounds logical, right? If you were a boy or girl at birth, why would anything change? Wrong. It’s not logical, because that would mean it makes sense; however, to many people in America, particularly those in positions of influence, it doesn’t.

Kudos to Texas for proposing this bill, it shows the courage Texas is known for. Nevertheless, they’ve taken heat for it. And it isn’t just the politics, the entire populous of the state stands to suffer in some way! Why? What did the people of Texas do other than vote for the people who proposed the bill, and not all of them voted even then! Regardless, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Brittanie Spears, and about 130 other spoon-fed Hollywood “celebrities” have started verbal protest to fight the senate bill. Now, we can expect this to come from non-Christian individuals. Many of these celebrities are bandwagon jumpers. But, then the NFL gets involved. What? You’ve gotta be joking. It’s true. The National Football league has threatened to pull future Super Bowls from the state should the bill pass. I love Govern Abbott’s response.

Really though, why? What does the NFL have to do with this? Will this bill reduce their crowds size at all in Texas? No. Sadly, their stance on the issue will also have very little effect on their crowd size in Arizona for regular season games.

What are you going to do about it?

Here’s where we spin this around and start pointing fingers. As Christians living in a dark world, we have a responsibility to our God, to our conscience, and to our fellow man to fight this growing evil that surrounds us. We are the light. You can’t blame all of these celebrities for the stances their taking, not really. Because even on stage, with spotlights, sparkles, and glitter, they’re still in darkness. We live in an age of Ninevites: unable to discern between even their right and left hands let alone good and bad, right and wrong.

Pop culture, pop singers, pop stars, they live lives in sin just like the dope addict on the streets, the petty thief, and the murderer. The difference is, their sin has a potential to influence millions of people in a very negative way. As Christians we feel overwhelmed by the darkness, but we are not consumed by it. Our lights are the fire of the Holy Spirit which cannot be put out by earthly shadows of darkness. We need to carry our light into a dark world.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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