Immigrants all over the US, in protest of President Trump’s policies and opinions on “undocumented”, (AKA: illegal), immigrants are refusing to work, attend class, or shop simply to prove how much they are needed. It’s all over the news! Trending on social media sites! A hot topic; hit the press news!

(From the USA Today)

The Day Without Immigrants, February 16th! How will we survive? Simple: we as Americans, revolutionaries, and modern day pioneers will fill in the gaps, pick up the slack, and refuse to let this slight against our freedoms, our pacifistic and accommodating nature, be regarded or accepted.

For those who have immigrated to America legally, they have the right and the freedom to protest as American citizens. And there it is. Because they are legal citizens of the USA they can do this. However, if they are legal citizens, what are they protesting?

Though it’s easy to understand where they’re coming from, nevertheless it’s still foolishness. The entire idea behind deporting illegals was to restore jobs to Americans. Someone tell me how this protest isn’t encouraging that idea. Further more, it’s the worst kind of protest for those involved as they don’t get anything out of it. And it isn’t as if “illegal immigrant” is a vital demographic to our economy.

Flip the Script

Imagine what would happen if Christians went on strike. Every one of them stops shining the light and the world grows dark. Death is now a consequence of living, there are no more shadows because light has fled and true darkness now roams the streets. Horrible, isn’t it. Sadly, that day is coming. God will take His church from this wretched earth leaving no light upon the forsaken sin-cursed world. All will be evil and darkness, the Devil’s playground. But, for the saints who will be in glory with Jesus, it will be joy!

What do we gain through strife here below? If protest could save the souls of men, I would gladly join them and protest till my last breath. But, we are called to be light while there is still time left for the world.

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the anonymous novelist

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