Idealist: someone who holds one more opinion than you do.

Hey everyone! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about security in identity, which may sound strange coming from a guy who calls himself “the anonymous novelist”. But, this subject is a real problem. We have people living in this world who don’t believe that just being human is enough to make them worth something on an individual level. Teen and preteen girls think because guys gape at “pretty” girls, that they aren’t beautiful. That’s just not true!

Socially, because of the way we humans praise the outward appearance and physical comeliness of some, we inadvertently exclude and demean others. It’s life. Kids like me and even younger than me now, (man, I’m getting old), have grown up in a world where a mirror defines beauty. Superficial, artificial appearance has become an idol. It isn’t fair, and it isn’t right. At the heart of this mindset is selfishness and vanity.


What’s wrong with humans? Well, to start, they are human. By definition our faults are our most brazen qualities and often the ones we display the brightest. We excel at moving backwards in our thinking and living. Decelerating education to the point that when the students graduate they know less than when they enrolled! Maybe not in gross knowledge, but in the areas that matter most. We are training a generation of meritocratic robots to inherit the future of our dilapidated planet.

Me, I’m a realist. I see the world as it is, not as I want it to be. But, I’m also an idealist. The world won’t change unless I do something to make it change. I’m tired of idealist with all the right ideas and absolutely no action. The greatest threat to idealism changing things for the better is realism making us see how futile our effort would be in the grand scheme of things. But, we can’t see the end result. We don’t know what our actions might spark in others.

I want to be an idealist in a world of realist until what is real becomes my ideals.


It’s not just the big problems we have, but the little causes that started them. Mindset doesn’t seem like a big issue compared with murder. But, murder is committed when we lose perspective on what life is and what sin is. Political correctness doesn’t seem like a big thing in light of abortion. But, PC is the thought path of right to choice granted by law under the government and that is the cause of abortion. God never told us we had the right to choose who lived and who died; not even if it was our own life to take or spare.

You may not think that slighting the appearance of a young, self-conscious girl is dangerous: but it is. Every girl wants to look “beautiful” by the world’s standards, it’s where they find security. Young girls are selling their lives, their souls, and their bodies simply to be adored for what they already are in the eyes of God: beautiful. How we view life affects everything. It’s perspective and it is the most destructive weapon on earth.

In closing, I’m not being judgmental of anyone other than myself. Our thoughts define our actions, so guard well your thoughts. Saturate your mind with the Bible, with things that are pure, lovely, true, noble, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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