Sometimes I wish life could be more like a fairy tale, a happily ever after, a story where the guy gets the girl, saves the world, and it feels so right. But, it can never be. WHY? Because we live in the sin-cursed, witless, desensitized dregs of a once perfect creation. I stare and I think about what it would be like to live a fairy tale, the stuff dreams are made of; fantasies seem so far away, so impossible. 
The rough truth of the matter is that we’ve been given this one life to live and that’s all. We can’t change how our stories begin. Some guys would like to be the rich man with a large living who learns how to control his pride for the love of a woman. Some women would love to be the girl with long golden hair, trapped in a tower until her prince saves her. But, these a stories. 

Some of my best ideas come late at night when I lie in bed thinking about absolutely nothing, (because men can physically do this). Fairy tales are only alluring to us because they are mirages, fictional, imitations and imaginations of life. If life were fairy tales, authenticity and ordinary life would look like a fairy tale. It’s our perspective. We all want to wade out of our circumstances and into something better. But the hand we’ve been dealt is the one we have to play with.  

What is your fairy tale? Love? Superstardom? Peace? Glory? Respect? Loyalty? Honesty? Wealth? Freedom?

Everybody has a fairy tale, a dream they may not even admit. To be honest, mine is love. As a writer I feel things deeply and hide them farther down than most. My best thoughts are my innermost thoughts, so I keep everything inside and it escapes mostly through my written words. I want to be loved and to show love to others on a personal level. What is your fairy tale?

I’m not saying your fairy tale is an impossible thing or that we shouldn’t dream. But my fairy tale of love may never be how I imagined it would. It may never happen at all, but I can still dream. The reason we call them dreams is because we don’t really think we can attain them. Otherwise they would be called plans, aspirations, or goals. But a dream should never distract you from life right now. Serving the Lord right now. God wants you to live each moment in that moment, not the next, and not the last.

Live like your dream is a dream and today is the only reality. Love more than you can and you’ll know it’s God in you that loves. Give more than you can and you’ll know it’s God through you that gives. Live more than you can and you’ll know it’s God not you that lives. 

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. 

–Galatians 2:20

 As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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